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Fidget Cube A Vinyl Desk Toy task is completed, she should be able fidget cube a vinyl desk toy to save nutrient solution and lunar stone. The owner would like to enter the easy mode or hard mode System Xia Xi Yan show the task interface at the same time asked Xia Xiyan, Xia Xi Yan want easy mode task reward several fidget cube a vinyl desk toy times in the stone are 1000, nutrient solution at 600, I feel that there is no need to go to hard labor to challenge the hard mode, Zhuo Wenjun this upbringing task, Xi Xi Yan early that she was enough heart Biequ of the. Lu Xiaofeng legend of the palace nine, fidget cube a vinyl desk toy Raytheon complex of the Rocky, Red House Jia Baoyu Xia Xiyan looked at a few task objects, thinking she has also completed two martial arts, an ancient, has not been to the Nordic myth of the world, chose the Raytheon complex of the Rocky. The queen, the queen, the king defeated the Fro.