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Fidget Cube Lightsalmon then some of the resentment of his things out of the package, and then heart in the blood of the curse of Zhuo Wen Jun one sentence. Cui Lingling to buy him these things, so all gone, really let Sima Xiangru distressed one night sleep, the next day to go to the Cui door outside the Zhuo Wenjun, attitude is somewhat worse. To you, do not say that I am the Secretary for what owe you what Sima Xiangru baggage owed to Zhuo Wenjun arms, proud to say this sentence, the Zhuo Wen Jun gas can not be born to let Sima So good look at the psychological. Zhuo Wenjun before the only intention of a trouble, to announce their things that year, so that Sima Xiangrui a fidget cube lightsalmon ugly out of breath, she was back to her to Sima phase of those things, and Sima Xiangruo knife, do not want and now See it will make her nausea Sima phase i.