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ig cause of the big Yan, so has been demanding the requirements of Murong complex. And Murong Bo and Murong complex up to the time, actually in the Murong complex over three years old, Murong Fu deliberately come back that month, that month, Murong Bo taught Murong complex Murong home of the classics, taught to leave fidget cube orengered again Su back to the Shaolin Temple steal school, and Wang only to maintain the letter fidget cube midnightblue during the contact, even come back to see a year. This is another five years, Murong complex eight years old, fidget cube midnightblue fidget cube backer design Murong Bo suddenly got seriously ill home, Wang careful care is not good, and finally dragged a half months Murong Bo also dead. And this death, Xia Xiyan naturally know is Murong Bo s suspended animation, but Murong Bo this suspended animation, but it is fidget cube midnightblue even Wang fidget cube midnightblue and Murong complex do not tell. Wa.ese people Dao Ming pens said, and some of her Daoming Group s subsidiaries worried that Xia Xiyan is like to say, You do small staff also do more than six months, the ability to listen to your manager said that has been mentioned Come up, since you said that the minister went to work in trouble, then withdraw the minister, you top it Xia Xiyan feel that you can start to work hard to fight fidget cube midnightblue the cause fidget toys for the classroom of the Ming Paozao fidget cube joystick post office, so she has a new room for improvement. Chapter 107 Bear Children with Golden Keys 16 Mommy mommy Walk is not how stable Road Ming Chen, ran fidget cube store from the outside into the summer Xi Yan s fidget cube near me office to find Xi Xi Yan, Xi Xi Yan heard his waxy waxy fidget cube midnightblue cry did not continue to see the file, but looked up to fidget cube orange see him, but it is See Road Ming Chen see fidget cube midnightblue her to see her, and some small naughty ran out.

Fidget Cube Midnightblue Temple s eyes change is not the same time, Xia Xi Yan is more certain to determine their own guess, with some careful and temptation to the Ming Ming Temple asked this sentence. Mom, you forget my three year old birthday does not come back to accompany me even over, and now actually forget I have a few years old Daoming Temple in listening to the summer emperor fidget cube midnightblue asked the age of words, unexpectedly dissatisfied with the summer Xi Yan Of the roar out fidget cube mediumturquoise of this sentence does not say, but also very angry staring at the summer Xi Yan, see Xia Xi Yan face without his guilt, but deep feelings of the strange and vowed to become more angry to hold hands Facing the summer shine heavy hum, and then proud of the face of his head looked up and said, Well Mom you actually do not remember my age, I am very angry, do not t.