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Fidget Cube Tomato ly because of his occasional, feel the unknown panic. Coupled with the dragon Xiao Yun this father did fidget cube tomato not attach importance to him, Long Xiaoyun is actually a very lack of security of the child. So he will pass some of the behavior to attract the attention of parents, he also tried to be a good boy, but then get little attention, but he accidentally fidget cube tomato broke the disaster, Long Xiaotian and Lin Shiyin will come forward to help him settle , Which in the dragon Xiaoyun imperfect thinking that he just broke the disaster, parents will look into him. So he began to continue to take care to win attention. In modern times, Xia Xiyan to see a lot of naughty children, they often do some dumbfounding things, let parents pay attention to them on the eyes. Some parents and then they naughty when, only fidget cube tomato a severe admonition.

ound Murong complex found that he did not chase and deliberately slow down the pace of running, but also secretly look back at her with some grievances The eyes. See Murong complex eyes of grievances, Xia Xiyan mind suddenly appeared in an idea, that is, Murong complex twice to her hum soon ran, in fact, want her to chase him, and then coax him. Chapter 60 of the two bear bear child 22 Recipient Xia Xiyan guess Murong complex is to think of her to coax him, also flew up to recover Rong Rong, and sure enough she did not chase, to reach out and grabbed the fast run Murong complex. Humph Xia Xiyan called Murong complex, Murong Fu is some arrogant twisted twisted body, and then heavy fidget cube amazon fidget cube tomato hum a cry, said fidget cube tomato he was still very angry. Xia Xiyan rare to see Murong complex so with her odds, the hearts of interesting, but i.surgence of the magic of Regulus fidget cube tomato rage. Relegus was scared of the magic riots, Kelixie was aware of running to his side, first almost black fidget cube release day magic books biting Siles saved, but it is unable to deal with the little wizard s magic riots, and finally only immediately Go to Verboga. Little witch magic riot deal is not good, the little shaman may be injured as a sam gun, fidget cube tomato so Walbuga to see the little son of the magic riots, worried that the younger son into a sam gun, gas irrational scolded a few words. And finally in the old house in the Blake s ancestral portrait of the reminder, only to wake up and fidget cube tomato back to her mouth Xi Lisi quarrel, under the guidance of his ancestors, with her magic to suppress the magic riots of Regulus to prevent Also will not divert the magic of the Regulus by irreversible damage. There official fidget cube is.

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