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ill, summer Xi Yan Wang pity in the hands of only three strokes to be Wang Pity to live. You have too little experience, although they have mastered those moves, but it is not flexible fidget cube uk amazon use, and you start is not ruthless, attack with some cringe, I created some of the power of the moves, by half. Wang Pity to understand the summer Xi Yan s point, and then sharply pointed out the problem of summer sun fidget cube uk amazon Yan martial arts. Xia Xiyan to listen to Wang Lianhua said that some ashamed, she did not shoot the king of the situation tricky Henla. Wang pity because of martial arts moves, many are fatal. This allows the trees to try to move the summer Xi Yan, always some reservations cast. You do not want to kill, you can try to reduce the interior strength, rather than reduce the power of the move. Wang pity to see the s.onks Dragon Temple, to go back to Tianlong Temple, crossing his hostility. Wengrong master pondered for a while, spoke to the Duan Zhengming peace of mind, then Duan Zhengchun against the Wengong master thanks to worship, but it is proposed to die out of the temple to see Yan Yan, with him to go. Yan Ching Prince some of the knot, but also need to nephew to unlock. Weng Rong master heard Duan Zhengming s words, no rejection, but is fidget cube uk amazon pleased to see Duan Zhengming a glance. And the paragraph is based on the spies, find Duan Yanqing hiding the land, to inform the master of the dragon, the master of the dragon with a few Dragon Temple monks, went to the place. Master Wo Rong Duan Yanqing heard that Duan Zhengming came to him, this is ready to go out to kill Duan Zhengming, but it is to see with Duan Zhengming b.

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