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Fidget Cube Violetred ddenly strange things, could not help but shout a sentence. And then the screen fidget cube kickstarter was bright, there was a silhouette, fidget cube blue fidget cube violetred the silhouette appeared on the summer Xi Yan stiff smile, and then continue to hear the sound of the summer sun Yan just heard, Hello, Miss Xia Xiyan, I was fidget cube uae Jinjiang bear child education system, has just been activated by your grievances Chapter fidget cube violetred 2 is forced to bind the system Hello, Miss Xia Xiyan, I was Jinjiang bear child education system, has just been activated by your grievances, and now is binding with you, now binding process 53.55 60 And so on Xia Xiyan looked at the front of the electronic screen, hear her talking to herself, just like her fidget cube violetred binding, to feel some fidget cube violetred strange call stop, but the electronic fidget cube violetred tone or continue to bind. 89 99 100 , binding success, co.

t the taste, did not leave high quality fidget cube Jing life without life, summer Xi Yan feel pity, but also feel glad she did not let the hands stained fidget cube violetred with life. But this time she was in the help of Ah Fei, seriously injured Jing fidget cube walgreens no life, that after both Lin Xianer, Xia Xi Yan and Jing no life have become sworn enemies. Thank you big brother saved my mother In the summer Xi Yan still want to Jing no life, the fog has been dispersed, Long Xiaoyun see Jing no life has fled, he and his mother are not the danger of life, put his eyes on the flying Feifei, fidget cube desk toy for adults think of if the previous if the Not the emergence of flying, summer sun will be in the sword, Long Xiaoyun went over, it is sincere and Ah Fei said thank you. Xia Xiyan heard the fidget cube violetred words of the dragon Xiaoyun recovered, but also fidget cube test solemnly with the A Fei Road thanks. Thank you, little.Xi Yan ran. Xia Xiyan did not react when the temple was to hold the waist of fidget cube violetred the temple. Daoming Temple clinging to the summer sun, to feel safe what can not be afraid, but it is watching Xia Xi Yan with some dissatisfaction with Xia Xiyan complaints. Mom, how do you come now, I fidget cube navajowhite have to fidget cube joystick break this fidget cube violetred place for another day, you do not come, I do not know how to be this group of kidnappers toss fidget cube violetred it A temple, you know the way out of aunt Xia Xi Yan next to the mouth of some surprises asked Ming Temple, Daoming Temple to see what he thought of the fast hiding behind Xia Xiyan. And so fidget cube olivedrab hide, fidget cube violetred see the summer fidget cube violetred Xi Yan in front of him, but also seems to have what patronized staring Huazawa a glance, and then pointed to him with Xia Xiyan complain. Mom, you catch him up, he and the group of people Daoming Temple with the f.

Fidget Cube Violetred first witch Bashu, but you look at, in addition to these talent to think about climbing rich, So that he can sell their own calligraphy and painting, poetry, said to open a private school it, he can easily let himself flies so completely Rely on others to take the opportunity to live. Xia Xiyan see Zhuo Wenjun also listen to the silence, so it took some tongue to some words and Zhuo Wenjun clear. He is not appreciated by the elegant, on the idle at home, the East to eat the West, the ancestral finished, and come to you, this fidget cube violetred rich daughter, the first tease your song, Zhuo Wenjun, you think about you Of the love, or to seduce you If it is true to you, why do not the media are married to seek, but the name is not right out of hand you do not hesitate to run away If I am afraid I do not agree, then why do you.